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Now That's Marketing

Sundown Vehicle Wraps is the premier vehicle wrap company serving the Birmingham, Alabama area. Our extensive knowledge in the vehicle wrapping business makes us the leader in vehicle advertising and vehicle marketing. Whether you're a small business owner looking to increase revenue by a vehicle wraps or a stabilized company looking for profit generated and guaranteed visibility for your company, Sundown is the go to company to help in the projects.
Does your company need or want highly-visible, advertisement? Are you tired of the boring paint on your personal vehicle? Would you like to turn heads while driving around town? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you need to contact for information regarding a wrap for your vehicle! Whether you are interested in a color change or vehicle enhancement, business branding and advertisement or fleet wrap services, we've got you covered at Sundown! We specialize in unique,creative wraps and thrive on the challenge of designing the perfect wrap for you! Choose to help you design the wrap you need to advertise your business, or simply make a head-turning statement! Please click on the tabs to view a gallery sample of some of the wraps we have applied.
Is it cost effective?
- Having your vehicle sign written is a one off payment - unlike advertising in a magazine or newspaper.
- Professionally applied your design will last for years and years to come.
- Can be seen by 1000’s of people every day
- Looks more professional, which in turn gives you an edge on your competition.

Designing Vehicle Wraps

Arguably, the most important aspect of a vehicle is the design. Simply, if a vehicle wrap design is not well suited to your brand, product and company image, it will not produce the result you intended. While fleet branding wrap design is certainly based on consistency among the fleet, the design itself is the single most significant element of the project.

Choosing the right vehicle wrap designer:

As you continue your research to find the right vehicle wrap design team, you should consider the factors that most affect the final look of your wrapped vehicle. The most important thing to keep in mind while choosing a designer is picking someone with experience in vehicle wrap design. Your regular graphic designer might do great work, but if he or she hasn't had experience with the particular quirks of vehicle wrap design, your wrap might turn out beautiful on paper and awful on the actual car. Professional wrap designers know how to avoid mistakes like placing faces over door handles or cutting off important information. Just think of your favorite sports car. All those nooks, crannies and curves have to be taken into careful account when designing the right wrap for your fleet.

Make Major Impressions With Truck, Trailer And Van Wraps

Full And Partial Wraps For A Variety Of Vehicle Type

If you want to grow your business and build brand awareness, you may be considering truck or van wraps as a way to get your message across. Vehicle wraps are the most cost-effective way to generate tens of thousands of customer impressions daily. At Sundown Designs, our in-house experts help you execute your vision. We take a consultative approach, which allows us to deeply understand your business goals and bring stellar truck, trailer or van wrap design ideas to life. Sometimes, home services and B2B businesses hesitate to implement van and truck wraps because they can’t afford to have their vehicles off the road. After all, downtime directly hits your budget. We understand your need for a quick turnaround. That’s why we expedite the wrapping process so you get your vehicles back quickly, usually within a matter of days. Whether you’re hauling, delivering or simply driving, van, truck and trailer wraps are an effective way to make your business more visible. The available space on your vehicles is ideal for connecting with new leads and clients.

Full Wraps
A full wrap covers your entire van, truck or trailer in vinyl. Typically, a full wrap features a pattern or color along with large graphics or photo-realistic images. Full wraps are ideal when your design is heavy on graphics.

Partial Wraps
If you only have a few graphics and you want to save on the cost of materials, a partial wrap is another great option. Usually, a partial wrap covers only the sides or back of your vehicle. Partial wraps help you bring focus to one or two design elements, such as your logo or a list of services.We Wrap Your Vehicles From Start To Finish

A color change is where you fully wrap any vehicle with any color, making it unique to your own style or just wrapping the hood, roof or trunk to add uniqueness to your vehicle.

Stripes kits adds just a touch o
f uniqueness to a vehicle without changing the vehicle completely.
Our trucks, trailers and vans wraps are made of large-format graphics printed onto high quality pieces of adhesive vinyl. This allows for maximum visibility.



No other form of marketing is more seen than a vehicle wraps. Not TV, radio, or your website!
Vehicle wraps are the premier way to advertise your company. Your vehicle wrap or vehicle graphic will improve your bottom line, increase leads, generate revenue and put your company in front of thousand of people who weren't even looking for your industry (but they remember your vehicle).
Avery Dennison